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Geami WrapPak is now available!!

Protective Packaging Geami WrapPak

Geami WrapPak EXBOX mini – 134 Metres

From the Greek word Γαία/Gea meaning Earth and the Latin word Mi meaning Dear derived the word Geami “Friend of Earth” to name a revolutionary product that came to shake up the waters of the packaging industry.

The latest version of Geami Green Wrap – The Exbox Mini is now available in Greece! Offering a superior dispensing mechanism so there are little to no adjustments required!  Just start pulling your Eco-Friendly Green Wrap from the dispenser box and watch it stretch-out ready to wrap!  You now can wrap your parcels even quicker!

If you are looking for a cost-competitive replacement for the plastic materials that you are currently using, then Geami WrapPak is the ideal eco-friendly solution.

Protective Packaging Geami Green Wrap
Protective Packaging Geami Green Wrap
Protective Packaging Geami WrapPak ExBox
Geami WrapPak – The Green Choice

1 Geami Greenwrap Exbox = 134 Metres of protective packaging material!


Reduce your Cost by Increasing your productivity

Reduce or eliminate the need for other packaging materials

Distinctive in the box presentation

Reduce the size of the shipping box, materials, and labor

Made with raw materials sourced from Sustainable Forests therefore Promotes green initiatives

100% Recyclable

Cost Reduction!
Productivity: This Eco-Friendly wrap is up to 60% faster than bubble or foam

No Tape: This magical EcoWrap grips itself: eliminate slow, unattractive, hard to use tape

Space: ExBox occupies a much smaller space than a similar roll of Bubble wrap.

Reduce Box Size: Smaller boxes cost less, are cheaper to ship, and more efficient to pack

Material Reduction: Use 10% to 25% less Geami WrapPak than bubble or foam

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